Friday, 16 May 2014

Setting up the Exhibition

Before I arrived at the space on Wednesday I didn't know where I was going to exhibit my work in terms of I didn't know if I'd use windows, wall space or boards. When I arrived the surround wall space was already being used to I decided to use one of the triangular boards, I chose a spot on one of the boards that faced the center of the room and was in the path people would walk so people walking round the floor space would naturally see my work as they walked past so I got myself a very good spot. The only problem with exhibiting on the boards was that I only had space for two of my photographs rather than three, I chose to leave out the photograph I shot in the stairwell of the Benzie Building. My reasoning for this was that it had a clean and minimalistic appearance whereas the other two were both taken in parking structures and had quite a grungy aesthetic therefore they went together well, in addition the Benzie Building photograph was generally my least favorite of the three photographs. 

When it came to putting my work up I'd already worked out that I was going to use double sided tape to attach my photographs as it is very strong and sticks to almost any surface. I stuck three lines of tape on the top and bottom of the print but didn't stick any on the side as I didn't want to worry about air bubbles warping the print and I figured size lines of tape would be enough. 

I measured the board then measured the prints and explanation card and figured I would have to leave an 8cm gap between the prints, I drew out pencil lines so I knew where to stick the prints and then stuck the prints to the board, I placed the prints so that your eyes are in line with the middle of them so you don't have to look too far up or down to see it. The prints were a little bit slanted (as sticking an A1 print is not that easy) but not enough that anyone would be put off the work because of it. 

I wrote a small 130ish word paragraph explaining what the work is about and my influences and inspiration, I also put my email address just in case anyone wanted to contact me. I printed off the paragraph then used double sided tape to attach it to a piece of mount board. 

Overall I feel my worked looked good when I'd set it up, I know my work was a little slanted but hopefully no one else did. I would like to have exhibited all three of my photographs as I didn't print them as a set of three but I just had to work with the space I had, I suppose I could have used the windows but then the prints would have been spaced a little too far out.