Monday, 12 May 2014

Exhibition Prints

Last week I went to Print Services and had my three final photographs printed for the exhibition. I ordered them on A1 matte paper as I wanted to print them big and Alan advised me to print them on matte paper so they were seen more a paintings than photographs. When I picked up the prints I found one of them had a pink cast, this also came up when I showed my work in a seminar the following day. So on Friday I re-edited the photograph taking out the pink cast then went to Print Services and re-ordered the print. This morning I went to Print Services and picked up the print then went to Book Binding and cut the prints, because I ordered the print separately it was slightly smaller than the other two prints so I had to cut the other two down to the same size, I only had to take a few cm's off each side and I'm glad they're all the same size. I'm pleased with how the prints came out, they work together as a set as they're all double exposure photos with a cubist aesthetic but the subject matter of all three photographs is different so each one stands apart from the other. In terms of attaching the prints to the wall I'm either going to use a small amount of double sided tape in each corner or I'm going to use small pins to attach them.