Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Salford Quays Shoot

Yesterday I walked to Salford Quays shooting a variety of subject matter to keep my work broad, one thing I did was shoot Beetham Tower documenting how far from the building I walked. I used the tower as a point of reference to document the journey and how far we traveled. I traveled through an area of the city I had never visited walking through the open fields between the city center and Salford, the area was very baron and flat so you could see Beetham tower very clearly, in addition the weather was perfect with a clear blue sky and strong sunlight. I shot the photographs digitally however I've started shooting colour 35mm film because I want to use a variety of format types.     

These are my most successful photographs from the day. 

First Blog Post

For Unit X I chose 'The Everyday' option, I wanted to keep the subject matter quite broad so I could shoot a variety of subject matter including portraits, street, architecture and landscape. For the last few projects I've tended to focus on street and architecture so I wanted to chose an option that I could shoot portraits for. I have a few early ideas I've came up with, the first to take a photograph at a specific time in the day and get lots of other people to do the same then compare all the photographs so you can see what different people are doing at exactly the same time comparing everyone's daily activities. I want to use a lot of different photography formats for the project and shoot medium format as I'm yet to do this and want to improve my film photography skills further. I want to keep the project quite broad at the start and then gradually focus on a few specific ideas until all my attention goes into one idea for the gallery showing.