Wednesday, 30 April 2014

Post of the Day (30/04/2014)

Firstly this morning I woke up early to use the c41 machine but it turned out it was still broken, on the other hand they gave me vouchers to develop my film at Advanced Photo in town so went there and got my film developed within an hour. I headed back to uni and went in the studio and did some lighting experiments with Gab Deacon, it was fun because I'm inexperienced in the studio so I want to learn as much as I can, I did some basic one and two flash set ups but I can understand why people get addicted to studio work because getting the lighting perfect is very addictive. By mid afternoon I went in the darkroom but only managed to print one photography but I was very pleased with the one photography I did print. I printed a photograph taken in the pillow fight in Trafalgar Square when I visited London during the Easter break. I had to dodge and burn the image and I've done dodging and burning before but this photograph needed more than I'd ever done before. I printed the photograph without dodging and burning then studied that to find out what I needed to do to make it right. I went down to the A4&More Store and brought a black piece of card to use then cut out a shape to dodge the woman's face. First I exposed the entire image for 12 seconds then masked off the woman's face and exposed the entire image for another 4 seconds then covered the woman's body and exposed the background for another 11 seconds. I enjoyed dodging and burning very much and was pleased with the final image, the woman's face could be a little lighter and the background a little lighter but I suppose everything you do could have been done better.