Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Final Double Exposure Shoot

On Saturday I shot my last roll of double expsoures, I shot in the stairwell on the Benzie Building and as has an interesting geometric structure consisting of concrete walls and contrasting black and white panels and rails. I took wide shots looking down the stairwell as the warped around the frame well then overlapped that with close up shots of the stairs and rails. After I shot the stairwell I went and shot in the New Business School. The architecture was brilliant for the geometric look I was trying to achieve, I took wide shots of the inside facade and the main staircase. One photograph I took still looks slightly negative and one its own is a good photograph but doesn't fit in with the overall narrative of the photos. I also shot the parking structure underneath the Convention Center, I'd shot there before but I decided to double expose some of the things I'd previously shot. I shot the pipes running along the ceiling then overlapped them with shots of the stair set outside, the stair set has a thick metal rail which zig zags up the steps in quite a cubist way. From here I went to another parking structure near Beetham Tower, I've photographed there before but went into a loading area where there was a set of steps with a metal rail which I shot then overlapped with a steel rail. Lastly I went in Central Library and photographed the large glass lift shaft, it consists of vertical steel beams and glass so had a very geometric aesthetic. I shot the lift and then overlapped it with shots of the windows but they didn't come out as well a I'd hoped. I had the film processed in town as the c41 in the art building is broke then had to wait until Tuesday to scan the film. The best photos from the shoot were the stairwell shots in the Benzie Building and the ones taken in the parking structure near Beetham Tower. For my 3 final pieces I'm using one of the photos I took in Birmingham then a photograph taken the Benzie Building stairwell and one taken in the parking structure opposite Beetham Tower.