Thursday, 24 April 2014

Birmingham Shoot (24/04/14)

Yesterday I went to Birmingham to shoot some 35mm double exposures. The reason I wanted to shoot double exposures is that it will heighten everyday structures and by overlapping them and combining them I can create new shapes. I shot on 35mm film so I cant post the images until I've printed them (which will probably the next Tuesday). I found a great location near the library of Birmingham, it was an underground car parking structure/ back lot, it was a bit of a dump with a lot of bins and litter around but there were a lot of pipes and sharp corners that made for interesting subject matter when double exposed. I had to light meter the thing I was going to photograph then over expose it but I had to guess how much to over expose each photo so they could come out very good or under/over exposed. The location was more interesting than I could have expected and it was a bit of a dump however I don't feel it could pass as 'everyday'. When I walk along the streets I dont see this type of place 'everyday' but its subject matter was very simple, if anything it was the result of everyday behavior that you dont get to see. For example there was a 4 star hotel right next to this place that backed onto it and you could see all the bins and litter and filth behind this hotel that the people staying in it never get to see. I will speak to Alan and see if I can get away with this type of subject matter however if I cant I still want to peruse double exposures and present everyday things in a way that creates something new.