Monday, 28 April 2014

Post of the Day (28/04/14)

Today was my first full day back after the Easter break, my aim for today was to hand in my keyword essay, process 2 rolls of film and print as many photos as I could and hire a medium format camera. I printed off my essay and handed that in however the c41 was broken so I couldn't process my film I also wasn't able to hire a medium format camera as you could only return equipment today. Anyway I went into town and brought some 35mm colour film as I want to do some colour double exposures. I was going to buy some 120 film however at Fred Aldours and Jessops you can only buy it in packs of 5 but I don't need that many and dont have the money so I'm just going to buy a roll off the internet then hire out a medium format camera when the film arrives. My plan for tomorrow is to process my 2 rolls of film if the c41 is working and print as many photos as I can before my lecture then go out in the afternoon and shoot some double exposures.