Monday, 7 April 2014

Himley Hall Shoot (03/04/14)

This is my first shoot from coming back home from Manchester, where I live is close to both city and rural areas so I can shoot in both. I walked to Himley Hall which is a local park and woodland area, trying to find geometric structure in a rural area is different to what I have done in Manchester so my work would contrast nicely. Firstly I found some cut down trees which made an interesting composition but the subject matter wasn't that strong so I moved on. Next I found a set of metal steps leading to a door which had an interesting composition, I shot the composition side on as they looked good in a more silhouette two dimensional form. Eventhough I didn't plan on shooting steps I always seem to photograph them as they always have interesting lines and structure. I made sure all the vertical lines in the composition were parallel with the side of the composition to reflect the geometric structure, plus this is something I naturally like to do when composing a photograph. Next I found a wooden set of stairs leading into the side of a wooden sailing building. The stairs had wooden panels heading in a variety of directions and the contrast between horizontal, vertical and slanted panels created an interesting aesthetic. I shot the stairs quite close up taking the overall shape of the stairs out of context and creating a new shape out its lines. I think shooting objects and architecture up close will work better as the photograph focus on pattern rather than an existing structure. 

From the shoot I learned that I can find geometric structures in rural as well as urban areas and that if I shoot structures up close I can create a new pattern. I just have to maintain 'the everyday' theme and not shoot structures that are too complicated and shoot things people could see everyday. I think I will also start focusing on shooting stairs as they seem to be my main subject matter and although they all have the same use every set of stairs has a different aesthetic.