Monday, 31 March 2014

Post of the Day (31/03/14)

I started off this morning my going into Uni and editing my photograph from Saturday (in the blog post below). One I done this I wandered around the photography section of the building to see if Alan was about but he wasn't so I went into town and brought the Nikon FM I was saving for, I'm glad I've got a 35mm camera of my own so I haven't got to keep hiring the FM from the AV Store. I also brought it to take to London because I'm going there this weekend and want to shoot film. When I brought the camera I got a free roll of film so I walked around the city shooting, I didn't shoot with a real objective I just wanted to test the camera and explore to find some interesting compositions. I will process the film in the morning before my group seminar. I also completed my research post for Deidi von Schaewen who's book I found yesterday in the library, her work is very inspiring as she is able to photograph wall people see everyday but as the photographs are displayed in a book they work as a narrative very well. Tomorrow I've got my cross group seminar in the morning then I'll go into the city and take some photographs, I want to focus on both 2D and 3D structures then over the Easter break narrow down my subject matter to find what I want my gallery pieces to consist of.