Monday, 31 March 2014

Re-shoot Photograph

This is a photograph from my shoot on Saturday taken in the parking structure under the Convention Complex, the white walls have a cubist shape with their sharp jagged corners showing how something as simple as a stair set can contain interesting abstract shapes. I liked this composition as the background is symmetrical emphasizing the jagged shapes of the walls. I post processed this photograph quite a bit to get the aesthetic I wanted. The photograph consists of two exposures, one for the background and one for the white walls. It was impossible to correctly expose that walls and background in one photograph so I used a tripod to to take two different exposures and combined them in Photoshop, I edited each exposure individually to get them how I wanted them and combined them later. I had to use the spot removal tool in Lightroom to patch areas of the white wall as it contained a lot of dark marks and scratches and I wanted the wall to a flat shade of white so it would emphasis its form. I like how the photograph came out and would like to focus on similar geometric subject matter as it makes for an interesting photograph and is also fun to shoot, I have to make sure I keep to the 'Everyday' theme and photograph things that can be seen everyday and not photograph things that are too extravagant.