Saturday, 17 May 2014

Unit X Everyday Unnoticed Group

Before I went to my first cross course seminar I didn't know that we worked in our groups to organize our piece of the exhibition. I missed the first seminar so when I arrived at the second they had already started organizing roles and made a facebook group so I had to make a facebook account to join it because I've never had facebook (personally I prefer twitter). We had to come up with a name for our exhibition so we came up with the title 'The Everyday: Unnoticed', we wanted to keep the 'everyday' in the title and then add another word that linked to all our work. We chose the word 'unnoticed' as we thought that our work shows the things people do and see everyday but never really notice which links quite close to my work. All the people in my group were helpful and easy to work with. Mccaullie Porter taken on the role as team leader which she did very well, she kept in contact with everyone and oversaw the transport of peoples work to the exhibition space. It was decided that we were going to make posters to promote the event and booklet handouts, it was decided that one of my photographs was going to be used in the background of the poster so that was my contribution. It was decided that Rene Thomas and Mollie Milton were going to handle the design and printing of the poster and booklet. Everyone in the group wrote and paragraph about their work then sent it to Rene who put it in the booklet, the booklet did look alright however I feel it could have been done better if we had more time as Rene had to wait until everyone had submitted their paragraph which took some time. We kept contact quite a lot on facebook with people posting questions all the time. Although we didn't collaborate in terms of our work I feel we did work well as a group in organizing the promotion and deciding how much space we all need for the exhibition. Working with a group of student from other courses who I'd never met was interesting and we all got on well and expressed our views on certain topics such as title, promotion and exhibition space.