Sunday, 4 May 2014

Colour Double/Triple Exposure Shoot (35mm)

This week I've been shooting more double exposures, I decided to use colour film so I could compare it to the black and white work I did in Birmingham and decide which film I would use for my final pieces. I decided to shoot more simple everyday subject matter like walls, window frames, rails and a variety of other textures. My aim was to overlap various textures in an attempt to create new shapes and textures that could never exist, they only exist in the photograph. There are a few photographs I think are strong but the more industrial modern subject matter I shot in Birmingham works better. After meeting with Alan we discussed my work and he said that its alright to shoot more complex subject matter because I was concerned the subject matter didn't fit in with 'the everyday' theme. When I shoot for my final pieces I will return to some of the locations I shot for this roll as I discovered a few really interesting locations like the walls of the Convention Complex. 

I went back and shot in the parking structure below the Convention Complex because it had interesting pipes and a brilliant geometric stair set. I don't think the simple subject matter works as well as the industrial stuff so for my final pieces I'm going to go back to shooting black and white film and shooting more complex geometric subject matter.