Thursday, 1 May 2014

Birmingham Shoot (Key Post: Investigations)

Through investigations throught the means of research and experimentation I can to using the double exposure technique in my work to create new progressive photographs, my work has gradually been leading to this point through researching photographs such as Hodachrome and experimenting with the double exposure technique I wanted to shoot photographs that show the geometric theme of my work. I think the photographs show my work moving in a more progressive and abstract direction, these photographs show the direction I want my work to move in. The process of shooting the photographs was fun as I had to imagine what I wanted the photographs to look like before I shot them and work out where to place certain things in the composition. The location I shot the majority of the photographs was in a parking area that backed onto the library in Chamberlain Square. The location was brilliant for what I wanted as it contained all concrete sharp architecture and a lot of pipes and fences so I thought combining all these elements would make for interesting photographs. The location was quite grotty and there were rubbish bins everywhere and litter however this gave the location a very well worm and used atmosphere that only helped to represent the theme of 'the everyday'. The hardest thing about shooting double exposures is guessing how much to over expose the photographs, I usually overexposed it by a stop or two not much more, most of the photographs came out exposed well only one or two are a little under exposed. I tried filling the frame with pipes and different textures but then also shot wide shots of the architecture against the sky then shot close up shots so fill that space with a new texture. The photographs look good but when I looked at double exposures on the internet and in books people mainly take a photograph as an outline such as a person the photograph something else to fill that space, I don't want to photograph what everyone else is photography I want to use the technique to create something new that hopefully they've never seen so I think I'm going to stick to completely filling the frame with texture. I want to continue shooting double exposures but experiment shooting in colour and also shoot triple exposures to see what kinds of textures and patterns I can create.

Investigating into new photography techniques made my work much more individual and experimental and gave me photographs that I can now build on in creating my exhibition pieces. Before I created these photographs I felt like my work had hit a wall and I was photographing the same types things over and over again and now I've started using double exposures my work has moved in a new and interesting direction.