Monday, 14 April 2014

Wolverhampton Shoot (14/04/14)

Today I went up Wolverhampton to take photographs, I mostly wanted to focus on stairs as I want to see if they are interesting enough to photograph for my gallery pieces. I didn't find that many interesting stair sets, the main one I did find was outside the Wolves football ground, it was a sunny day which made for contrasting hard shadows which is the look I'm going for. The contrast between the yellow hand rails and dark shodows worked well, it was hard to find a successful composition was aligning all the rails was difficult was they would overlap or be on the edge of frame. I was trying to find interesting shapes and lines in between the rails and create lines heading in different directions. The other photograph contains a wall I found whilst walking around, I thought the sharp blade like edges of the bricks had an interesting geometric aesthetic. I cropped the composition into a square as it framed the step downs of the bricks, the contrast between the two tones of bricks and road surface creates an increased tonal range. The two photographs I got today are successful but still aren't quite what I'm looking for, I want to create photographs that are simple an quite minimalistic in their subject matter but have interesting lines and structure, I think I need to focus on more modern architecture like in the photographs I took in Birmingham last well. I do want the photographs in my gallery show to have all types of architecture but have a continuous thread that flow and connects the photographs.