Thursday, 17 April 2014

Double Exposure Research (17/04/14)

Through shooting a few casual double exposures on my Nikon FE I've decided to study multiple exposures and apply this technique to my Unit X work. I thought about shooting architecture then rotating the frame and shooting another exposure on top of that to create a new geometric form out of an everyday objects or pieces of architecture in an attempt to create a new patterns. I decided to research photographers who use double exposures in their work and I can across the work of a Japanese photographer who goes by the name of 'Hodachrome'. He combines exposures, reverses film and cross processes film in an attempt to create new interesting compositions by layering exposures. I can across his work on 'Flickr', his work is much more complex than at first it appears. One technique he uses to combine exposures is to shoot on a roll of film and then he reverses the film and shoots on the other side of it so one side of the film if a regular colour exposure and the other side has orange cast to it. He also use a devise called a Splitzer which fits on your lens and allows you to mask areas of the frame and have more control when layering exposures. His work is interesting in the techniques he uses but he only really rotates compositions to mirror themselves whereas I want to combine different buildings to create new ones.  

So far I've just experimented with basic double exposures but for my new shoot I will experiment with photographing close up pieces of everyday architecture then rotating the camera and double exposing the frame with another piece of architecture in attempt to create new geometric structures. Obviously I still need to retain the everyday theme but I want to heighten it by creating new patterns through the double exposure technique.