Sunday, 30 March 2014

Wall Pattern Shoot (30/03/14)

Today I focused on shooting 2D structures and documenting their patterns and lines in an attempt to express the fact that interesting patterns can be found in everyday places.The inspiration for the photographs comes from the paintings of Mark Rothko and Piet Mondrian that focus on form and geometric structure.  I found it hard to find interesting subject matter even in a big city like Manchester that contains a lot of interesting architecture. I managed to find a few compositions that contained interesting patterns and lines made from a variety of materials. I walked around The Avenue and the Arndale Centre hoping that the modern architecture would provide some interesting subject matter. I found many of the structures to be too simple and similar containing brick work and steel pillars, I need to explore the city to find more interesting subject matter. This week and over the Easter break I need to shoot as much as I can to find consistent subject that works well as a set.