Sunday, 30 March 2014

Post of the Day (30/03/14)

This morning I went into the city and focused on shooting interesting patterns and lines on walls, this was inspired by the photograph I took of the wall last week that has a similar composition to the paintings of Mark Rothko. I walked around The Avenue then to the Arndale Centre hoping the modern architecture would make for interesting geometric subject matter, I only found a few interesting compositions and didn't get as many photographs as I wanted. The three photographs I did get work well as a set but don't make for as interesting subject matter as the photographs I took yesterday. I'm going to talk to Alan this week as I need a bit of guidance in narrowing down my subject matter as at the moment I'm shooting quite a wide range of things. I also need to do some more research, today I found a book in the library by Deidi von Schaewen titled 'Walls' that contains over 100 photographs of different walls and the patterns and graffiti that adorn them, it shows how a simple piece of subject matter can work when photographed as a set as long as all the photographs are interesting. 

Tomorrow I plan on going into Uni and combining the exposures to finish the photograph I took yesterday. Then hopefully I can speak to Alan and he can give me some guidance on where to take my project from here as I'm not quite sure where to take my work next. I'm going to try and shoot everyday this week plus I'm going to London on Saturday so I'm also going to shoot in London.