Monday, 17 March 2014

Last Weeks Shoot(s)

For this shoot I decided to focus on shooting people doing daily mundane things such as reading a book or smoking a cigarette. I shot 35mm colour film, the only problem was I had to light meter a location before I took the photograph I so was constantly light metering as I was walking which isn't ideal when you need to be shooting fast so if I shoot people on the streets again I will use digital. I also used out of date film so the photographs are slightly more grainy than I would like them to be so I reduced the grain in post processing, although I've learned I don't really want to use out of date film unless I have to. I scanned the negatives then cropped and edited them in Adobe Lightroom not really manipulating the photograph just correcting the colours, contrast and exposure. 

At the time when I took the photographs I was happy with them however I spoke to Alan this morning and he said that I need to shoot things that are less obvious to the theme and you have to really struggle to find interesting subject matter so your work is more individual and interesting. I've also learned that if I'm shooting subjects on the streets I'm going to use digital so I can shoot faster and don't have constantly light meter the location.