Monday, 17 March 2014

Last Weeks Shoot(s)

Last Thursday and Friday I decided to wonder around the city and shoot very informally with no objective just to generate ideas and start working. I shot on 35mm film as I want to work with film a lot more for this project as I only experimented with it briefly for the last project. The first interesting thing I photographed was a piece of cardboard on the ground outside the town hall that had holes cut into it that looked like a winking face.

From this point on I decided to photograph things that simply looked like people or things so I was showing the extra ordinary in the ordinary. I walked for a few hours and only found 3 photographs however they were 3 interesting photographs. 

This is a photograph of a of a piece of a large bin I found in an ally, the piece looks like a dogs head especially the dog from 'Wallace and Gromit'. The photograph makes you feel and empathy with the object as it looks like a living creature, you look at it in the same way you look at a wax model or a cartoon, they're not a living organism but they do seem to convey emotion. 


 This is a photograph of a ripped poster an a painted wall and contains a silhouette of a shape that looks like a sumo wrestler digging with a spade, different people could re-interpret the shape differently but that I what I see when I look at the shape. I've showed the photograph to other people and asked what they see in the shape and I have had a variety of answers ranging from a horse to a wolf but its up to individual interpretation.