Friday, 9 May 2014

Cross Course Seminar (08/05/14)

Yesterday I had my cross course seminar, we mainly discussed the exhibition space, putting up our work and how we're getting our work there. A lot of the students in the group discussed their displeasure with the fact that the exhibition is only 4 hours long where previously people were informed it would be over a full weekend, I'm not as angry about it as some other students in my group however it is a little aggravating that I've spent £20 on printing and its only going to be seen for 4 hours. For me the exhibition will be a chance for me to see other students work and see what they're up to. I would have liked the exhibition to be planned a little better for example I would like to know how much space I have to exhibit my work. We didn't speak about our work during the meeting as we didn't have time however we did discuss the posters and flyers that are being made, I'm not sure if were still displaying posters however we are going to have flyers people can take away from the exhibition containing the group members work and a paragraph about the subject of our work. Overall the seminar was interesting as people spoke about how the exhibition could be improved and the logistics of the exhibition.