Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Salford Quays Shoot

Today I re-visited Salford Quays as it is a place that contains a lot of modern architecture which contains interesting line and form. I didn't take that many photographs as the architecture wasn't exactly what I wanted and wasn't as interesting as I thought it was going to be but also it was raining all day and I was getting soaked. I got two interesting compositions from the shoot, one is a photograph of a a stone block, it looked interesting as it made out of a dark reflective stone and because of the rain it was made even more reflective, it was also laid on top of light gravel so there is a nice contrast between them. The second photograph is of part of the Imperial War Museum facade, it consists of a jagged steel structure very modern in it's appearance but maybe due to this it doesn't fit into the 'everyday' them as this type of architecture isn't that common. On the other hand the composition is very strong with architectural lines in every direction and it contains three distinct tones with a bright white area at the top, medium grey area in the middle and a dark black area at the bottom. By itself the photograph is strong however I think it is moving too far away from the 'everyday' theme. 

I think I will focus on more 'everyday' structures that contain an architectural structure that is more common in 'everyday' society.