Friday, 28 March 2014

Post of the Day (28/03/14)

First thing I'll say in this post is that I've lost the photographs I took in Blackpool and the photographs I took today. I was using the c41 machine and had my role of film hooked up on the wall before I put it through the machine, I then went back outside to see how much time I had before the mechanism moved. When I got the film out of the machine it was over exposed so I had left the door slightly open when I went out of the room which ruined the film. I'm disappointed my film was ruined but I'm glad that I didn't ruin anyone else's because the would have been even worse. It's not that bad as I didn't take that many photos in Blackpool as the surroundings didn't really fit into what I want my work to look like plus the photographs I took in Manchester today I can re-shoot this weekend in digital. At least now I know to make sure both doors are completely closed when you enter and leave the room, although I've made a mistake I've definitely learned from it.

Today I walked around quite a few underground parking structures such as the one under the Manchester Convention Complex and a parking structure opposite Beetham Tower. I found the architecture to be very interest especially staircases so I photographed quite a few staircases. I'm still quite confused as to what I want the subject matter of my work to be so over the Easter break I want to refine my range of subject matter and focus on exactly what I want it to be. I wanted to focus on two dimensional patterns on walls however I got distracted with interesting stair structures  so when I've re-shot today's photographs I will focus much more on two dimensional patterns.

I'm going to re-shoot today's photographs in digital so I can photograph them and upload them to my blog quickly and take more photographs as I plan on taking quite a lot of photographs this weekend as I haven't took that many photographs this week and I need to make up for that.