Thursday, 20 March 2014

Post of the Day (19/03/13)

Today I went into the city and started focusing on photographing line, shape and form within architecture and objects in an attempt to create interesting compositions. I wanted to move away from shooting people doing everyday things as that was far too obvious. I was influenced by the work of William Eggleston who photographs to everyday but not the obvious but also the work of Piet Mondrian and Mark Rothko who create basic shapes. Today I photographed things from walls that contained interesting lines to stairs and rails, things that had interesting lines that move your eye around the composition. I walked around Manchester for about 5 hours and only took about 20 photographs, I only photographed things I knew would make an interesting composition and was very picky about what I photographed. Today it was sunny so I was about to use shadow as a key element and photograph shadows that had interesting line and shape. I need to finish my role of film tomorrow morning and see if my darkroom paper get delivered so I can get in the darkroom and print the photographs. I also completed my William Eggleston research then went to the library and borrowed a Cartier Bresson book and a Don McCullin book.