Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Post of the Day (17/03/13)

My plan for today was to talk to Alan in the morning the scan my negatives then go into the city and shoot then work on my blog posts for the rest of the day. I learned a lot from my conversation with Alan this morning, we went over my last reflective journal as I need to improve my research. He told me that it needs to be less formal and show my initial thoughts on photographs and make notes on the photographs rather than set the writing out in a completely formal way. I also told him about the work I had done for this project so far and he told me that I need to make the work very individual and not shoot obvious ideas but you have to struggle to come up with new individual ideas. I found the conversation to be a huge help in my practice and getting me inspired to shoot. After that I scanned my negatives then went out to shoot with a few friends walking from Uni to the Etihad Stadium in East Manchester. I only took 2 photographs during the shoot but all I was focused on re-visiting a shoot last week when I was trying to find facial structures in the street, I found a facial shape on the front of a boat on the canal and a building facade. I'm shooting black and white 35mm film and want to get a few more photos for this idea then move onto something new. 

Tomorrow I plan on doing research for William Eggleston and Martin Parr as these are two photographers who shoot everyday society but heighten it using composition colour and printing techniques. I also want to go into the city and shoot more photographs.